Rustic wedding flowers decorations

I still think it's kind of a crazy idea that we did our wedding flowers (with help from few friends). In terms of cost, this probably cost us less than $500 including flowers and supplies but sure took a long time to do. I would not recommend doing this unless you have couple friends to… Continue reading Rustic wedding flowers decorations

Parent hacks and travel tips

DIY firefighter costume

Made this less than 1 hour for the whole family. List of items you will need: Helmets - adult / kid Red suspenders - adult / kid Yellow duck tape Silver duck tape Cargo pants - toddler pants are from old navy. Once you have everything above, all you need to do is tape the… Continue reading DIY firefighter costume


Honolulu Hawaii Trip with Toddler

We love Hawaii. Flight time is 5 hours from us so not too bad. This trip is a little different than our prior trips to Hawaii. We have a baby this time! Our itinerary kind of shifted to more toddler friendly. This time we planned to spend more time at the beach. We booked a… Continue reading Honolulu Hawaii Trip with Toddler